Home is Where the Coverage Is: When You Need Homeowners Insurance

Home is Where the Coverage Is: When You Need Homeowners Insurance

Home is Where the Coverage Is: When You Need Homeowners Insurance

We all love the freedom of cruising down the open road (with a valid license, of course!), and owning a home is another fantastic freedom we enjoy in this country. But with both driving and homeownership comes responsibility – and sometimes, that means laws and legalities.

Why We Have Laws (and Homeowners Insurance!)

Just like needing a driver’s license to operate a car safely, there are reasons why laws are in place. Financial responsibility laws, for example, require most drivers to carry car insurance. In the same vein, homeowners insurance isn’t always mandated by law, but there are many situations where it’s crucial. Here are a few:

  • Mortgaged to the Max: Bought your dream home with a loan? You’re not the only one with a stake in its well-being. The lender who provided the mortgage also has a financial interest in your property. If your home is damaged or destroyed, they’re less likely to get their money back if you’re uninsured. That’s why most mortgage companies require homeowners insurance – it protects both you and them in case of disaster.
  • Double Mortgages, Double Coverage: Similar to a first mortgage, a second mortgage (also known as a home equity loan) will usually require homeowners insurance. There may be exceptions for very small second mortgages, but generally, having an insurance policy in place is a must.
  • HOAs: Keeping Up With the Joneses (and Their Insurance) Living in a community managed by a Homeowners’ Association (HOA) often comes with specific requirements, and homeowners insurance is a common one. HOA communities want to protect the overall value of the neighborhood. An un-repaired fire-damaged home can bring down property values for everyone. That’s why HOAs often require individual homeowners to carry insurance – it prevents a single uninsured home from dragging down the value of the entire community. This homeowners insurance is separate from any coverage the HOA might carry for common areas.

Rentals Require Different Coverage

Thinking about renting out your home? While homeowners insurance is great, it might not be enough. Renters can cause damage, or there could be liability issues. If you plan to rent out your property, you’ll likely need a dwelling policy or a landlord policy to ensure you’re properly covered.

Don’t Leave Your Home Vulnerable: Get a Quote Today!

While homeowners insurance might not be legally required in every situation, it’s a smart and responsible decision for most homeowners. Unless you own your home outright and live outside an HOA, chances are you’ll need coverage.

Ready to Review Your Coverage or Get a Quote?

Our independent insurance agents are here to help! We can review your existing homeowners policy and make sure you have the right coverage in place. We’ll also search multiple insurance companies to find the best rates for your needs. Don’t wait – contact us today and ensure your home is protected!

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