Six Things About Your Own Body You May Not Know

Six Things About Your Own Body You May Not Know

Six Things About Your Own Body You May Not Know

How well do you know your own body? As familiar as we may be, there are still a surprising number of facts you may not be aware of. Here are just a few.

How Fast Your Fingernails Grow

If you are like most people, your fingernails grow pretty slowly, at just over an inch a year. That means it could take about six months to completely regrow a fingernail from the cuticle.

What Are Those Grooves Under Your Nose?

We all have grooves under our nose that reach from our nostrils to the top of our upper lip. This is called the Philtrum, and biologists have never quite determined its purpose.

What Determines Your Eye Color?

The amount and quality of melanin in the front of the iris is what determines the color of your eyes. Those with brown eyes have large amounts of melanin in the iris while those with blue eyes have less of the pigment. Melanin also factors in the color of your hair.

How Fast Your Hair Grows

While rates differ slightly by person, hair grows at a rate of about 1/8th inch per week. That means about a quarter inch every two weeks, about a half-inch every month and roughly six inches annually.

What Factors Impact the Size of Your Feet?

The size of your feet (and hands for that matter) are largely determined by genetics, but can also be influenced by the quality of your diet while growing up. To a great degree, feet and hand size are proportionate to height, with taller people generally having larger feet.

Which of Your Body Parts Are Likely To Wear Out First?

Everything else being equal, most medical professionals agree that joints are usually the first body parts to begin to wear out. Joint aches and pains begin in a person’s fifties and sixties.

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