National Police Week:

National Police Week:

May 15th is Peace Officers Memorial Day. The week that May 15th falls on is known as National Police Week. This piece is written for the honorable men and woman who have died while trying to protect our country.

National Police week goes all the way back to October 1, 1962. On that day, John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation that assigned May 15th as Peace Officers Memorial Day, also stating the week of May 15 as National Police Week. On the days leading up to the fifteenth, there are services held across the country to honor those who have given their lives to protect the people of our country. In Washington D.C., The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial wall displays the names of over 19,000 fallen police officers.

Police who act morally and respectfully deserve that same respect in return. The kind of officer that keeps the good of all people in his or her heart and acts accordingly deserves recognition. This day was created to honor the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect their country. Regardless of the weather or the time of day, police officers are working to keep us safe. They are devoted and selfless in their duties. Because of our police officers, we can feel safe and secure from violence.

This week is designated to honor the men and women who risk their lives for all of us, but every single day we should respect our peace officers.

Honor the men and women who see more tragedy than a lot of us do in our entire lives.

There are more police officers that are moral than there are immoral. While there are some cops who have made mistakes that cannot be justified, most act on behalf of the greater good.

We are all human beings, we all make mistakes, and those in the service must make decisions based on their level of safety and the safety of all the people around, as well. A tough and honorable career to maintain, let’s give some respect for our men and women of service.

 By: KayLynn

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