Classic Games for Grandparents to Teach Young Grandchildren

Classic Games for Grandparents to Teach Young Grandchildren

Classic Games for Grandparents to Teach Young Grandchildren

There’s nothing quite like passing down knowledge from one generation to another. Grandparents may teach grandchildren how to cook, put together a model, knit, garden, work with wood, and more. Perhaps one of the most pleasant of these experiences is when Grandma or Grandpa teaches their grandchildren timeless, classic board games. There is bonding that is done and memories that are made, all possible because of some simple, time-honored games. Here are a few.


An almost required stop between tic-tac-toe and chess, checkers is a strategy game that is still simple to learn and play. What could be better than plotting out a multi-jump play or hearing a young voice yell “King Me!”


Teaching a young person about war would seem to be contrary to good grandparenting, but not when it’s played with a deck of cards. The rules are straightforward. Cards are dealt equally among players, and each turns over one card at a time. The highest card takes the lesser card, with aces being the highest. Ties are played out with an additional card put at risk face-down for each player and then another card flipped to determine the highest winning card. The winner takes the cards that were originally tied, the two face-down cards, and the additional played cards. You know your grandchild is growing up when they complete an entire game.

Memory Match Game

This game can be played with cards or even some 3×5 cards. There should be two cards for each image, and the cards should be shuffled and turned face down on a table. Players select a card, and then choose another they feel matches it. If they are correct, they take the cards off the board. Play continues until all cards are “won” and the winner is the person who made the most matches.

Build a Domino Wall

More of a challenge than a game, if you have access to a number of dominoes or similar-sized tiles, you can have hours of fun. Place dominions on the edges within falling distance of each other. The goal is to build a long trail with curves, level changes, and other challenges without knocking it over before completion. Of course, the real joy comes in starting its chain reaction and seeing it fall to completion.

The only way to know if your grandchild is ready is to play! Enjoy.

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