What Would You Pay for a Genie in a Bottle?

What Would You Pay for a Genie in a Bottle?

What Would You Pay for a Genie in a Bottle?

Most are familiar with the story of the Genie in a bottle. The person who finds the bottle and releases the Genie is afforded three wishes. Of course, the story is a fairy tale and isn’t really true. But what if there were some elements to the story that were possible?

What, in fact, you could buy a Genie in a bottle? How much would it be worth to you?

There are some rules with this Genie in a bottle that you need to be aware of, however. First, it will only work if it is purchased out of generosity and love. In other words, this Genie will only work for others.

So, knowing that you could buy a Genie in a bottle, but the wishes would not necessarily be for you but your spouse or loved ones, would you still be interested? Oh, there’s one more thing. To release the Genie from the bottle you can no longer be alive.

This Genie in a bottle we are talking about is, of course, life insurance. When you buy life insurance you are doing it out of love for your spouse or children. Oh, you will get peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction knowing that your family will be financially provided for, but it is really for them. They can use the proceeds to maintain their lifestyle, pay off a mortgage, pay for college or a variety of other “wishes”. Of course, for life insurance to release its benefit, the death of the insured must take place.

This all means that you can, to some degree, buy a Genie in a bottle for your family. One that will help them in your absence. You can even pay for it through monthly payments you can afford. A few more things about this “Genie”. You can usually only buy it when you are healthy and the younger you are when you purchase it, the cheaper it will be.

The added benefit of this tale is that you can write your own story. You can help decide what is important for your family to have in the event of your death, and the wishes are not limited to three. You may not be interested in “life insurance” but you may want to provide that Genie in a bottle for your family. Contact us to discuss how life insurance can play an important role in your financial future.

Be Confidently Insured.


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